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Fourth HHS Senior Completes Rigorous Global Scholars Program


Ratliff Congratulations to Highlands High School senior Christopher Ratliff, who recently completed all of the requirements of the school’s rigorous Global Scholars Program, becoming the fourth senior to successfully complete this program in the past two years since it was introduced at Highlands.


The Global Scholars Program is an interdisciplinary program that helps cultivate globally minded students who, upon graduation, will be better prepared to negotiate our increasingly international society. This program is sponsored by Pennsylvania State Modern Language Association (PSMLA) in collaboration with the Highlands High School Foreign Language Department and advisor Mrs. Laura Proaño.


The program helps students develop their global competence through globally-focused academic and community activities including: 8 courses with a global focus (including 4 years of a world language), 4 global extracurricular activities, 20 global community service hours, and 8 global literature/media reviews. 


Mrs. Proaño was impressed with Christopher's drive finish his literature/media reviews in a short timeframe to complete the program. "I’m so proud of Chris. He really worked hard to make this happen over the past two weeks," she said. 


Christopher pursued the Global Scholars program to learn about other cultures in the world. "I think this program is important because it helps students broaden their horizons and think about things globally and on a bigger scale," he said. "I got to learn about ethnic themes and other cultures that helped me discover more about myself. I think it will help me in the future if I ever traveled globally."


Christopher will receive by mail a Global Scholars Certificate and global honor cords to wear for Commencement. 


Congratulations, Chris!