globe Global Scholars Program


    The Global Scholars Program is an interdisciplinary program that helps cultivate globally minded students who, upon graduation, will be better prepared to negotiate our increasingly international society. This program develops students’ global competence and enhances their post-secondary opportunities including university acceptance and scholarships as well as career and workforce options. The Global Scholars Program is sponsored by the Pennsylvania State Modern Language Association (PSMLA) in collaboration with the World Language Department at Highlands High School. 

    Students must meet all of the graduation requirements as mandated by Highlands School District. In addition, students who wish to receive the Global Scholars Certificate upon graduation and wear the Global Scholars honor cords during graduation must also satisfy the following requirements within the course of their high school career:

    • 8 Global Academic Courses (including 4 years consecutive years of the same language)
    • 4 Global Extracurricular Activities
    • 20 Global Service Hours
    • 8 Global Literature or Media Reviews

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    For questions, contact Laura Proaño, Global Scholars Program Advisor, at lproano@goldenrams.com.