• new The Highlands School District Board of Directors POLICY MANUAL is now available in a searchable database online. The current Policy Manual is being reviewed and revised in its entirety.
     As policies are revised or adopted, they will be made Active for public review here: HIGHLANDS SD POLICY MANUAL. Sections that are revised or adopted will be removed from this page. Thank you for your patience while we update this section of the website!

    The Highlands School District Board Policy Manual can be viewed electronically by clicking on the section links. Each policy can be viewed individually. Revised or updated policies will be added to the electronic version as soon as possible after Board approval. Printed Board Policy Manuals are available to view in each district building office. Policies also may be supported with administrative procedures.
    Highlands School District Board of Directors pass new or revised board policies in this manner:
    - Policies are created or presented by board members or administration.
    - Policies are presented for a First Reading at a voting board meeting.
    - Policies are presented with a Recommendation to Approve a Second Reading at a voting meeting 30 days after the First Reading, except for when a Second Reading is waived.
    - Policies are sent to PA School Board Association for review, formatting and inclusion to policy manual.
    - Policies are posted on the www.goldenrams.com website upon board approval. 
Last Modified on November 14, 2016