• About Highlands

    Our Beliefs

    At Highlands, we believe that...

    Parents should be involved in the education of their children.

    Self-esteem is important for personal growth.

    Quality education must be accessible to everyone.

    Every individual must be treated with respect and dignity.

    Education is a life-long process.

    All students can learn.

    Education is a shared responsibility and cooperative effort between home, school, and community.                                                                              

    An effective education extends beyond the classroom experience.

    Achieving success is the most important motivational experience.

    A caring environment nurtures the desire for learning.

    Every citizen should be involved in education.

    Early childhood education begins the formative process of learning.

    Assessment should guide instruction.

    Learning experiences are best achieved in a flexible environment.


    At Highlands, every student's education should be cultivated by a...

    Desire for learning

    Comprehensive core of knowledge

    Developmentally appropriate curriculum


    At Highlands, every student should be able...

    To set goals

    To be responsible

    To communicate with others

    To reason and problem solve

    To work cooperatively

    To make sound decisions

    To utilize technology as a tool