• volunteer

    Highlands School District welcomes parents and community members into the District as volunteers. The District believes it is important to include the community in its mission to build foundations for the futures of our students. Many programs, extracurricular activities, events and experiences would not be had if it weren't for the graciousness of volunteers. The District anticipates a cordial relationship with you, as a volunteer, and thanks you for your time and dedication to our youth.

    Please take a moment to read and understand your responsibilities as a volunteer, which are available in this section of the goldenrams.com website.

    Thank you again for your interest in strengthening the characters, learning experiences and skills of Highlands School District students.


    Minimum of 18 years of age, unless volunteer is a high school student in a peer-mentoring position.

    Adhere to all regulations, policies and procedures of the Highlands School District.
    Maintain confidentiality when volunteering within the schools.
    Provide State Criminal Record Check and State Child Abuse clearances, as well as FBI clearance or 10-Year Affidavit Form, dependent upon period of time of residency in Pennsylvania.