• Power School Parent Access

    Parents have the ability to access their child's current grades and attendance through the school district's Power School portal.
    If you have not yet received an Access ID and Access Password for your child or are having trouble with your login, please contact the office secretary at your child's school or the district IT Department at 724-226-2400, ext. 5635 or email akolek@goldenrams.com.

    Once you have your Access ID and Access Password, you will need to follow these steps:

    1. Click on the A+ GRADES icon on the goldenrams.com homepage, OR
    Open the internet browser (Firefox or Chrome is preferred) on your computer and

    2. Parents / Guardians click the Create Account tab and Create Account button.

    3. Enter your Parent Account Details.

    4. In the Link Students to Account section:
     Enter the Student Name, Access ID and Access Password (exactly as they are given - both are case sensitive); and Relationship.

    5. Click Submit at the bottom of that window.

    6. Sign in again using your new account. It is advisable that you keep your username and password secure and not share it with anyone.

    7. Remember to log off when you are finished.
    The App will prompt you for a four-letter District Code. Our District Code is: WKMJ
    What are the features in the parent access portal?
    The Grades and Attendance tab will allow you to check assignments and scores by clicking on the blue percentage across from a class. You are able to view the grades for each quarter of the school year: Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4. Make sure you are in the correct quarter when looking for current grades.
    To email the teacher a question or concern, please click the blue teacher's name link.
    The Grades History tab will show you the grades your child received in previous grading periods.
    The Teacher Comments tab is used to access current teacher comments for your child.