• Highlands School District

    Business Office

    1500 Pacific Avenue, P.O. Box 288
    Natrona Heights, PA 15065
    724-226-2400       Fax: 724-226-8437

    The Business Office of Highlands School District is responsible for all business affairs of the District, including budgeting, purchasing, accounting and financial reporting, auditing, tax collections, payroll and benefits, investments, accounts payable, food services and data processing. Highlands has received commendations from the state Auditor General for having consecutive perfect state audits, which are extremely rare occurrences due to so many state requisites.

    Business Office Staff


    Executive Director of Business
    Affairs & Support Services  
    724-226-2400, ext. 5620                                

    Jennifer Wofford      

    Accounting & Benefits Secretary                            
    724-226-2400, ext. 5621
    Jennifer processes order requisitions and creates purchase orders, administers the day-to-day benefit/insurance plan, procurement card transactions, on-line purchases and cash deposits.  Any questions that are related to order requisition and/or PO, insurances (health, dental, vision, life), open enrollment, Skyward access and cash deposits should be directed to her.

    Sandra Godfrey

    Accounts Payable & Worker's Compensation Secretary 
    724-226-2400, ext. 5622
    Accounts payable, vendors, purchases, cash deposits, and worker's comp.


    Paychecks, deductions and related payroll matters





  • TBD

    Executive Director of Business Affairs & Support Services