• Highlands School District

    Library Services 

    The libraries of the Highlands School District function as a continuing unit, elementary through high school, to provide the students and teachers with educational materials which serve to supplement and enrich the school curriculum and serve to provide the incentives for individual growth in specific areas of study and in the use of leisure time -- incentives which will develop in the students the spirit of independent learning and exploration.

    District schools are serviced by a building library and librarian. Highlands also partners with the Community Library of Allegheny Valley, which offers services, programs and seminars for students and their families.

    Highlands High School Library

    Kristen Gettens, Library Media Specialist
    724-226-2400, ext. 4142


    Highlands Middle School Library

    Jennifer Kosior, Library Media Specialist
     724-226-2400, ext. 3149

    Highlands Elementary School Library &

    Early Childhood Center Library

    Laurie Malcolm, Library Media Specialist
    724-226-2400, ext. 2227 (HES)
    724-226-2400, ext. 1210 (HECC)