• Highlands Community Education Foundation

    The purpose of the Highlands Community Education Foundation is to help finance projects that can't fully be supported through the district's budgetary allotments. The projects selected are those that aim to provide educational, recreational, and cultural benefits to students and residents of the Highlands School District. The foundation aims to establish a partnership with school, community, business and industry, something that's become a necessity due to today's economic and social demands. The goal is to help produce trained, educated young people who are adequately prepared to enter the work world and become assets to their employers and the community.


    Contributions include numerous mini grants and scholarships, $2,100 for broadcasting equipment, $7,000 to help install lights at the varsity baseball field, $6,000 to help restore the district's tennis courts, $4,000 for new crossing lights near the Middle School on Freeport Road, and $3,000 to help pay for calculators in High School Math Classes.