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HHS Students Teach Spanish & German to 3rd Graders


Sixteen Highlands High School student volunteers taught a World Langauge lesson to the eight 3rd grade classes at Highlands Elementary School. In preparation for the lessons, the HHS Spanish and German students prepared their lesson plans and practiced them with their classmates. The students selected the teachers whose classes they would teach, and were very excited to return to their favorite elementary teachers’ classes after many years!


On Thursday, January 30, the eager 3rd grade students enjoyed playing various games with the alphabet, colors, numbers and other vocabulary in Spanish and German. For example, Mrs. Chalmers' class wrote a fairytale with German vocabulary and created a puppet to act out their story, while Mrs. Grubbs' class practiced the Spanish alphabet song and created an alphabet for their class. The 3rd grade students were engaged and excited to practice their new language skills and asked their new student teachers to return after the lessons ended.


The HHS students represented Spanish I, II, III and IV and German II and IV and several are part of the Global Scholars Program, an interdiscplinary program offered by Highlands High School and the Pennsyvlania State Modern Languages Association (PSMLA) which provides an opportunity for students to develop global competence. The students involved in this activity included seniors Ryan Kubicko, Rose Hunkele and Connor Cario, juniors Austin Burchell, Gabe Norris, Alexis Altfather, Robyn Schreiber, Parker McMillan, Olivia Duncan and Maddy Black, sophomores Jaylynn Sobotka, Justin Do, Rebekah Young and Eddie Ripple and freshmen Ariah Drum and Alexa Schrag.


A special thanks to Mrs. Rachel Chester and all of the 3rd grade teachers for coordinating this event with Señora Laura Proaño and the High School World Language Department.