• IPEVO Document Cameras

    Focusing the camera

    The lens is auto focus, but when you adjust the height/position, you may wish or need to re-focus the lens.  Simply press the little blue button on the corner of the housing to autofocus the device.

    Using the Document Camera in Zoom:

    If you’re using the Document Camera in Zoom, it really is no different than the process that you’re currently utilizing by switching video inputs.  The IPEVO camera will come up as an input called IPEVO 4K.  Simply switch to this input and you’re ready to go. 

    Visualizer Software - IPEVO


    The document camera can be used outside of Zoom.  IPEVO makes a piece of software to accompany the camera that has a number of different creative ideas and functionality.  From simple display, split screen, scanning documents/QR codes, recording, stop motion video capturing, etc. The IPEVO application has been pushed to all Chromebook teacher devices, as well as to PCs within the district.  The software is called Visualizer on both devices. 

    Windows Tutorials: