Meet Our Staff:


    Michael Losk
    Director of Technology 


    Phone:  724-226-2400 ext.5660
    Adrienne Kolek
    Mrs. Kolek is the IT secretary. She also works with new student enrollments and management in PowerSchool, PIMS information, and the District's One Call System.  
     Phone:  724-226-2400  ext.5635
    Diane Faix
    PIMS/SIS Data Analyst 
    Mrs. Faix is our Data Systems Analyst. She works primarily on managing and supporting Power School, which is our Student Information System (SIS). She is also responsible for maintaining our PIMS system.  
     Phone:  724-226-2400  ext.5662
    Jonathan Westergom
    Client Systems Analyst
    Mr. Westergom is the Client Systems Analyst. He is primarily responsible for maintaining the existing equipment located in our schools, and responding for most of the building's Help Desk support tickets. He is the ground support that makes sure the technology we have is working as expected.
     Phone:  724-226-2400  ext.5661