Highlands Emergency Services Alliance
    and Highlands High School formed a partnership in 2008-2009 to instruct students in fire fighting and emergency responder skills. The course, the first of its kind in the nation, evokes social responsibility, encourages maturity and compassion and recruits volunteer firefighters for our community.
    Students are instructed by Mr. Michael Krzeminski, a state-certified firefighter who also is a Social Studies teacher at Highlands High School. Visiting guests, speakers and emergency services professionals enlighten students with actual accounts of being in the field and the seriousness of paying attention and learning these skills.
    HESA consists of fire departments from Brackenridge, Fawn, Tarentum and Harrison. Companies currently in the alliance include: Pioneer Hose Co. in Brackenridge; Fawn Township VFC #2 in Fawn; Citizens Hose Fire Rescue, Hilltop Hose Co. #3, Harrison Hills VFC #4 in Natrona Heights, and Highlands Hose Co., Eureka Fire Rescue and Summit Hose Co. in Tarentum.
    Read more about HESA and Highlands in this brochure and check back for our student firefighters' profiles and upcoming events on this site.
    To contact HESA for more information:

    Bill Rossey, President
    Highlands Emergency Services Alliance
    PO Box 124
    318 Second Avenue
    Tarentum, PA 15084
    Michael V. Krzeminski, Fire Service Training Instructor
    Highlands High School
    1500 Pacific Avenue
    Natrona Heights, PA 15065