One SWEET Assignment!

Seventh grade students in Ms. Tracy Eck's and Mr. Tyler Kirin's world cultures classes at the Middle School had one sweet assignment: to make the ancient Aztec city on the lake of Tenochtitlan using the ever-popular Peeps candy and other sugary confections.  

Mr. Kirin's students created parts of the city at home and in his classroom. The students then assembled the components of large city on the floor of the Highlands Community Center.  Mrs. Eck's students also worked on creating the city in the classroom, but their project spanned across four large tables to display in her classroom.  The students researched the city on the internet and designed the city to scale. Both teachers were proud of the students' accomplishments -- their attention to detail and their retention of information about the Aztec culture through this project.  "The students' constant dedication and belief in this project is clearly shown. Their ethic, behavior, and drive through this adventure was bar none," said Mr. Kirin.  Parents were invited for an open house to see the projects.  

Peeps Donated 
What made the project even sweeter was the donation of the Peeps candy from the Just Born company of Bethlehem, PA, which makes Peeps and other sugary confections such as Mike & Ikes and Hot Tamales. Intrigued by the project, CEO Ross Born arranged a phone conference with Ms. Eck and a group of the seventh graders.  Mr. Born spent nearly an hour asking the students questions about the project and talking about the history of his company.  He was very impressed with the students' knowledge and was excited that his company could help. At the end of the conversation, Mr. Born paid a compliment to Ms. Eck. "We really appreciate the quality of teaching that you evidently have. You make things come alive and interesting to make the students curious and engaged," he said.  

Peepster Car Stops at HMS!

Because of the unique Peeps project, Ms. Eck and Mr. Kirin were able to have the Peeps & Company car, the Peepster, stop at Highlands Middle School on April 8 during its Random Acts of Sweetness Tour.  The 7th grade students had the chance to get pictures with the car and the Peeps mascot.  The company representatives also distributed Peeps confections to the students and staff at the Middle School.