Grandview Holds First Science Olympiad

Grandview Elementary students gathered on Monday, May 10, and Tuesday, May 11, to participate in the first Science Olympiad ever to be held at the elementary school.  Fourth and fifth graders were combined into 24 teams of six to seven students to compete in ten events.  The events included:  Egg Drop, Barge Building, Circuit Wizardry, Grab a Gram, Estimania/Calculator Race, Aerodynamics, Pennsylvania scavenger hunt, Reflection Relay, Science Jeopardy, and Chopper Challenge.  These events were designed to stimulate higher level science and mathematical learning as well as provide an opportunity for team building skills.  Prior to the competition, the students were able to get to know one another by enjoying a tasty ice cream sandwich provided by Sarver Dairy Queen while working on a team name and banner in the cafeteria.  The teams also discussed various strategies by reviewing their schedules and descriptions of the upcoming events before making their way into the competition.
Special thanks should be given to Fifth grade math and science teacher Mrs. Julie Wolfe who attended a training session held by the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh at the Grand Concourse in November 2009.  Mrs. Wolfe was given start up information on how to initiate an Olympiad at Grandview as well as insight on how other districts ran their Olympiads.  She was also given the opportunity to write a grant through the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh to purchase science supplies for the Olympiad.  In December, 2010, Mrs. Wolfe wrote the grant and received $1,812.45 to purchase some of the supplies needed for the occasion.  Also, letters were sent by the teacher to organizations in the area where she received many gracious donations.  
Thank you to these contributors:
Contributors in the area consisted of Dairy Queen in Sarver and Natrona Heights, Dunkin Donuts, Walmart (Pittsburgh Mills and Natrona Heights), Sams Club, Target, and Big Bear Pizza.  Grandview PTO also purchased ribbons for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each event.  Much appreciation goes out to the students who put in hard work, dedication, and positive attitudes as well as to the teachers and contributors who helped make the Olympiad a success.  We hope to make the Science Olympiad an annual tradition!
Article written by Brittany Fisher