Grandview Students "Dance, Dance" to Stay Fit

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Grandview Elementary School students will get fit with a Dance, Dance Revolution arcade-style machine, funded by a $9,990 Highmark Healthy High 5 grant.

With rates of childhood obesity on the rise, physical education teachers like Mr. Bill Heasley, Jr. are finding more creative ways to motivate students to get fit. The Dance, Dance Revolution machine, proven extremely popular with its arcade debut more than 10 years ago, challenges the user to stay in motion and mimic dance moves according to music and visual cues.

This dance system is going to incorporate technology, exercise, and health all while having fun in a very unique way, said Mr. Heasley.

The $9,990 will fund six arcade-quality DDR machines, as well as three sets of practice pads that will create 18 additional dance areas, allowing all students to particpate in a given physical education period.

Last year, Grandview also received new physical education equipment funded by a $5,000 Pittsburgh Penguins grant. Together, this equipment will create a fitness room in Grandview Elementary.

Highmark Healthy High 5 is an initiative of the Highmark Foundation.