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Honors Geometry Students Apply Quadrilateral Knowledge by Building Kites


kites 1

Liam Roberts is disappointed that his kite did not fly, but Abby Lemmon's did! 

Mrs. Jordan Murdock's High School Honors Geometry students ended their quadrilateral unit and the school year by building their own kite. The weather was nice enough for students to try to fly them on their last full day of school. However, the wind was too strong and a lot of the kites didn't hold up well, except for the pink kite that was built by Abby Lemmon and Hunter Melle and the blue kite built by Alayna Collins and Chelsea Cowfer! This unique, hands-on project was an engaging way for the students to apply their knowledge of quadrilaterals!

kites 2

The pink kite built by Abby Lemmon and Hunter Melle is a flying success!

kites 3

The blue kite built by Alayna Collins and Chelsea Cowfer also withstands the strong winds!