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Mega Math Mania at Highlands Elementary!


In March, Highlands Elementary students engaged in 10 math activity stations that included problem-solving tasks using various hands-on math tools during the school’s Mega Math Festival.

During the festival, students worked on logic puzzles, mazes, and other problem-solving tasks. Stations included Cup Stacking, Map Coloring, Tile with Style, Magic Flowers, Frogs and Toads, Doodles, Domino Dissection, Pentominoes, Skyscrapers and Jumping Julia. These activities provided a unique way for students to practice their math skills in a fun learning environment and required students to collaborate in order to creatively solve math problems. 

HES also enlisted the help of the High School’s National Honor Society students, who facilitated each of the tasks while encouraging the students. Families were also invited to attend a Mega Math Festival Family Night where students showed their family what they had learned. 

The Mega Math Festival, which was coordinated by the Highlands Elementary MTSS Teachers and district Curriculum Coordinator Dr. Cathy Russo, was modeled after the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival and paid for with Title I funds.