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7th Graders Test Predictions with Barbie Bungee Jump Makerspace Activity


Ms. Megan McKenna's 7th grade ELA class visited the HMS Makerspace for an extension activity related to the story Uprising, which is about the Triangle Factory Fire.  After reading the story, the students participated in the Bungee Barbie activity. Using their science and mathematical knowledge, students had to create a bungee cord out of rubber bands that would allow a Barbie doll to safely jump 400 cm. Once students completed multiple trials of their experiment, they used reasoning skills to determine if their predictions were correct.  At the conclusion of the activity, the students completed a compare and contrast sheet followed by a discussion comparing the women from the story Uprising and the bungee jumpers. Special thanks to library media specialist Mrs. Jen Kosior for helping to coordinate the Makerspace activity!

Check out the video samples below!