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Two HES Students Chosen for Dream Machine Challenge Ideas

Congratulations to Highlands Elementary students Luella Richards (Gr. 4, Mrs. Holzer) and Brantley Kilgore (Gr. 3, Mrs. Chester) for having their ideas chosen for this year's Dream Machine Challenge sponsored by the MyMachine Global Foundation! 
Coordinated by Computer/STEAM teacher Andrew Lynch, Highlands Elementary students were asked to brainstorm ideas and draw a type of machine or invention that they thought would solve a personal, community or world problem. Ideas were encouraged to be as creative or off-the-wall as possible! Luella's concept, Bully Me Not, is a device that will drown out the sound when someone is being rude to you. Brantley's concept, Wakey Wake, is a device that will beep when you close your eyes or fall asleep watching a movie.  
Their Dream Machine Ideas will be linked to university students of Monterrey Tech (Mexico) and TEC Costa Rica (Costa Rica), who will create a proof-of-concept to the best of their abilities and with very limited resources. HES will be notified when the university students have done their work (May/June), and will be sent photos and videos of their work.
The MyMachine Global Foundation received over a thousand Dream Machine ideas from children in 13 countries on 4 continents! "Seeing so many children creating such fantastic dream machine ideas is truly remarkable. We are humbled and thankful for all the effort you have put into this," said Piet Grymonprez, Co-Founder and Managing Director of MyMachine.