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Giving Thanks: Students, Staff Engage in Thanksgiving Feasts, Activities


THANKSGIVING FEAST!  Highlands Middle School teachers Mrs. Amanda Coulter, Mrs. Bridgette Jodon and the  students of Room 132 were thrilled to plan, create and host their Annual Thanksgiving Feast on Nov. 22!  Students greeted each guest, shared a song in sign language, presented the history of Thanksgiving, decorated, created the favors, the menu, the centerpieces, cooked, set up the entire event and cleaned up! A few students also created a wonderful PowerPoint presentation, and one student even created dinner music for the event. They were excited to share all of this with some special guests and staff members, including Highlands Superintendent Dr. Monique Mawhinney, Director of Student Services Dr. Amber Dean, Principal Ms. Rebecca Bragan and Assistant Principal Mr. Cory Sakolsky. "These kids amaze us every day, but today was an extra special day for them to shine," said Mrs. Jodon.

As part of the Highlands Early Childhood Center PBIS Reward Day, “Perky Turkey”, Kindergarten students designed their own turkey cages using toothpicks and marshmallows. Each of the 7 Kindergarten classes rotated among the teachers’ classrooms to participate in a Thanksgiving / Turkey-themed activity. Here are some of their smiling faces in action!

Mrs. Stawinski’s and Mrs. Wyant’s students at Highlands Elementary had a Thanksgiving feast. “We are so thankful for our wonderful students and staff,” said Mrs. Stawinski.