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Middle Schoolers Receive Everyday Hero Award


District Judge Carolyn S. Bengel honored 48 Highlands Middle School students with the Optimist Club's Everyday Hero Award on Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

Usually intended for 5th graders, the award was given to students in grades 5-7 this year because it was suspended in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic. Selected by their peers, Everyday Heroes should be respectful, accountable, motivated, safe, responsible, helpful and encouraging. In addition, the hero is not a bully, is a good citizen, has good manners, gets along with everyone, is on time for school and is quiet in the halls.

The Optimist Club has sponsored this annual program for many years, and club members ensure that this peer-based award remains one of their priorities.

Congratulations to our Everyday Heroes! 

5th Grade

Colton Gentile, Addison DeLancey, Brody Petrak, Erin Snebold, Chaz Bielak, Ava Brewer, Nico Malta, Jenna Leasure, Logan Hasson, Miley Dorinsky, Brayden Lechner, Sadie Powell


6th Grade

Conor Lentz, Sophia Romonovich, Evan Faltot, Ashlie Ciciarelli, Braden Petit, Leighann Hileman, Liam Oddis, Jasmine Owen, Aaron Pochan, Brooke Walker, Stephen Bowser, Miranda Graham, Ethan Haines, Hannah Ringer, William Stello, Ryder Reeves, Maxim Luzier, Sophie Drum


7th Grade

Emma Bavolar, Drake Emery, Mikala Smith, Logan Lattus, Tatyanna Gibson, Chloe Fox, Justin Stokes, Brenna Vargo, Jackson Babinsack, Alayna Collins, James Cribbs, Claire Norris, Isaac McCutcheon, Savannah Berkley, AJ Sanders, Taylor Tutka, Nick Trischler, Kira Gould