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Congrats to the HES November & December Stellar Students!


The Stellar Students program at Highlands Elementary showcases monthly students who exemplify RAMS behaviors (Respectful, Accountable, Motivated, Safe). Students from each grade level (both in-person & HVA learning models) are selected based on earned Golden Rams tickets received. Stellar Students are recognized by Principal Dr. Stan Whiteman, Assistant Principal Mrs. Kristie Gizienski and School Counselor Mrs. Angela Boyer. The Stellar Student pictures are featured in the HES showcase in the main lobby of the school.


CONGRATULATIONS to our November Stellar Students of the Month!



First Grade

Makenna Schaffer (Mrs. Thompson)

Aleta Woody (Mrs. Mravintz)


Second Grade

Brady Snow (Mrs. Meldon)

Kiley Harrison (Mrs. Meldon)


Third Grade

Margaret Ervin (Mrs. Grubbs)

Rachel Ringer (Mrs. Chester)


Fourth Grade

Emily Svorcek (Mr. Nowicki)

Michael Bavolar (Mrs. Pinzok)



Ja-Cora Chambers

Anastasia Pack-McHenry 


CONGRATULATIONS to our December Stellar Students of the Month!



First Grade

Henry Rau (Mr. Celko)

Marilyn Cram (Mr. Celko)


Second Grade

Alayna Dailey (Mrs. Snyder)

Joseph Celko (Ms. McCurdy)


Third Grade

Charlotte Levin (Mrs. Burris)

Athena Powell (Mrs. Chalmers)


Fourth Grade

Lia Zacchia (Mrs. Brancato)

Miley Dale (Mr. Nitowski)



Scarlett Grimm

Jase Popynia