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Thank You for Donating to the HES Safety Patrol Program!

Thank you to all of the individuals and organizations that recently donated funds to support the new Highlands Elementary Safety Patrol Officer Program. The Program was implemented this past fall by HES Security Officer Lee McIntire through a partnership with AAA and with the support and assistance of Principal Dr. Stan Whiteman and HES school counselor Mrs. Angela Boyer.


Since the program started without a budget for its 35 student patrols, Officer McIntire worked to secure donations to support the program. Donations from school behavior specialist Mrs. Shelly Brown, Officer McIntire and the HES PBIS Team were able to purchase 38 fluorescent safety belts, in addition to the 13 belts donated by AAA. The program also received $200 in donations from Tarentum, Brackenridge, Fawn and Harrison Police Officers and a $500 donation from the Tarentum Eagles. Special thanks to Harrison’s Sgt. Chris Cottone for collecting the generous contributions.


The school’s Safety Patrol Officers serve as leaders in the school to model and reinforce RAMS behaviors (especially safety) around the building and on the school busses. This program helps to encourage all students to follow the RAMS behaviors of Respectful, Accountable, Motivated and Safe. The building’s Security Officer Lee McIntire meets with the Safety Patrol Officers to talk about safety and how to advocate for all students to be safe.