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District to Distribute School-Issued Devices Beginning This Week



The district is offering two additional distribution dates for families that still need to pick up student devices:


Monday, Aug. 23 from 5-8pm  - All Grades - Highlands High School (Gym Entrance)


Wednesday, Aug. 25 from 5-8pm  - All Grades - Highlands High School (Gym Entrance)


Please contact your child's school if you have specific, individual questions or circumstances regarding device pickup. 


Beginning August 17, 2021, device distribution will take place daily within the district. 


Parents & students will have an opportunity to purchase a Device Protection Plan at the time of pickup.  Cost of the plan this year is $30.00; payable in cash/check to the district at time of device pickup.


The Device Protection Plan will cover all accidental damage to the student device for the duration of the 2021-2022 school year, with unlimited incidents.  Intentional damage, lost, or stolen devices are not covered by this plan.  Additional plan details are listed in the document below.


Distribution dates and times:


High School students grades 9-12: Distribution times will be on Tuesday, August 17  from 9am–2pm and 5pm to 8pm in the High School Gymnasium.  Parents/students should enter the building through the Arcade Entrance.


Middle School students grades 5-8: Distribution times will be at 9am-2pm on Wednesday, August 18, and from 9am-noon on Friday, August 20 at the Middle School Gymnasium.  Parents/students should enter the building through the Gymnasium entrance at the front of the building.


Elementary School students grades 1-4: Distribution times will be at 9am-2pm and from 5pm to 8pm on Thursday, August 19 in the Elementary School Cafeteria. Parents/students should enter the building through the cafeteria alcove.


Early Childhood Center students grades PreK & Kindergarten:  Distribution times will be from 5pm to 8pm on Wednesday, August 18 in the HECC multi-purpose room.


Students who have not turned in their district provided device at the end of the 2021 school year, or those who have not returned a loaned device for summer programming, will not receive an additional device until the original device has been returned.  Additionally, devices that have not been turned in have been marked as lost/stolen and will not be usable for instructional purposes until they have been physically inspected by the district IT department and updated for the upcoming school year.


In order to expedite the process, parents may download in advance below the device agreement and complete/print the necessary forms for pick up.

HSD Device Program Information: Grades Pre-K-12

Device Agreement Signature

Device Protection Plan Agreement