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Students Learn About Being "Stewards of the Environment" at HHS Camp Creativity

During the first session of Camp Creativity at Highlands High School, science teachers Mrs. Jennifer Galcik and Mrs. Jamee Bonnett taught meaningful lessons that focused on empowering girls in the sciences and becoming “stewards of the environment”. Through exploration, the students discovered how many resources they use in a day according to their individual daily activities and habitats. They also created their own Ecological Footprint, including changes they would like to make in their own lives.


The lessons also included an oil spill simulation to observe the effects of oil spills on wildlife, and the students used various products to demonstrate how difficult it is to clean up a spill. They also explored the benefits and impacts of plants, focusing on lavender and how it can make a difference in our daily lives.


A farm to table brunch ended the week with French toast, scrambled eggs, pure maple syrup, homemade butter, local berries, and homemade lavender lemonade. The importance and benefits of locally and home-grown products was explored and tasted! All locally grown and made products were used in preparing the brunch. They all had the opportunity to sit and share their camp experience with principal Mr. Shawn Bennis, new principal Dr. Laura Burns, and school secretaries Mrs. Kim Hines and Mrs. Brittany Barch.