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Third Grade Conducts "Operation End of the Year"

During the last month of school, Highlands Elementary third graders participated in an “Operation End of the Year” theme day.  The teachers and students dressed as surgeons, using math and reading skills to help save their "patients". The students used fractions to stitch up a banana and dissect kidney beans and calculated bone measurements. To diagnose their patients, students had to read passages about different body parts. Throughout the day, a "Code Blue" would be sounded and they needed to quickly save a patient who entered the ER. "Operation End of the Year" was a huge success, and the students thoroughly enjoyed the activities. Thank you to the creativity and dedication of teachers Mrs. Rachel Chester, Mrs. Patti Burris, Mrs. Courtney Udanis, Mrs. Jennifer Koprivnikar, Mrs. Lauralee Milberger, and Mr. Dominic DeFilippo.