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Greek Mythology Escape Room Puts English Students to the Test



Weeks of reading and studying Greek Mythology culminated in an exciting Escape Room evaluation activity for High School sophomores in Mr. Kurt Landsberg’s English classes.


Escape Rooms, which have gained popularity among teens and adults alike, typically require participants to solve a series of puzzles in order to get out of a room or achieve some other goal within a specified amount of time.


Mr. Landsberg, with the help of High School library media specialist Mrs. Kristen Gettens, designed and monitored a competitive Escape Room in the High School Library. Student teams utilized their knowledge and comprehension of the Greek Mythology unit by solving various puzzles within a 30 minute timeframe. Teams received points for each puzzle solved, and bonus points were given to teams with the fastest time and completion.


Needless to say, the Escape Room evaluation was well received among the students, as many preferred it over a standard test. Not only did it provide a unique way to review the Mythology unit, it also promoted necessary teamwork, communication, critical thinking skills!