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Support the Annual AFS Fruit Sale through Nov. 29


Even though only one AFS exchange student is currently being hosted at Highlands ("Bibi" from Italy, generously hosted by the Bollinger/Crawford Family) and many of their usual activities are curtailed due to social distancing precautions, Highlands AFS Adult Chapter wishes to still make their annual fruit sale available.


This year there will be no truck delivery as in past years. Instead, the sale will be online, with direct shipping in time for Christmas to your door or anywhere in the continental U.S., an easy and healthy solution to out-of-state gifting!
Just click the link below to log on to the Highlands AFS fruit sale website.

The deadline for ordering fruit with a credit card online is 11/29/2020.
If you would still like to order fruit after that date, or have any questions or concerns, or just want to make a much needed donation in lieu of placing a fruit order, please contact Kathy Harenski, Highlands AFS Chapter Treasurer:
All sales after the 11/29/2020 deadline must be paid by check or cash only. 

Thank you for supporting Intercultural Education and the Mission of AFS!
Bibi (center) with her host family "sisters" Ava Bollinger & Emily Crawford