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Still Need Your School-Issued Device?


Devices will be distributed on Monday, Aug. 31, Tuesday, Sept. 1 and Wednesday, Sept. 2 between 1:00-3:00 pm at Highlands Community Center (near the stadium). No appointment necessary.

During the device pick up, parents will be required to indicate if they want the device insurance or are declining it by completing the commitment sheet. If you accept the insurance, payment is due at the time of the device pick up. Cash or check will be accepted. Checks should be made out to the Highlands School District. Insurance is $50 per device. Families who qualify for free and reduced lunch will be charged $25 per device. Please note that the device will not be turned over if payment is not provided at the time of pick up. There will be no exceptions to this requirement.

All forms that will be required to be submitted during your device pick up time are also available below for you to complete in advance of your scheduled session. We encourage parents to read through the device commitment document with your child, so you are aware of their responsibilities for the device.


In order to expedite the process, parents may download in advance below the device agreement and complete/print the necessary forms for pick up.

iPad Program: Grades Pre-K through 1

HSD iPad Program for Grades PreK-1

iPad Agreement for 2020-21

iPad Insurance Protection Plan


Chromebook Program: Grades 2-12

HSD Chromebook Program for Grades 2-12

Chromebook Agreement for 2020-21

Chromebook Insurance Protection Plan


In preparing students for 21st century learning, the Highlands School District is deploying a 1:1 integration of technology, where every student in Grades Pre-K through 12 will receive an iPad (PreK-Grade 1) or a Chromebook (Grades 2-12) for learning. This initiative will help ensure we graduate students who can work digitally, collaborate meaningfully, and communicate in connected, real-world ways. Highlands has a Google management license that connects our learning community via Google Drive and its productivity suite. This license affords our students the full array of Google Apps for Education and its features. District devices are able to support any software or apps utilized by the school. In addition, students are protected at school and at home when browsing the internet through Lightspeed Relay, a cloud based web filter that monitors and blocks objectionable content.