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Kindergarten Celebrates Wedding of the Year: Q&U

Highlands Kindergarten students in Mrs. Cochran's class and Mrs. Pacek's class celebrated the Letter People Wedding of the Year, as Mr. Q and Miss U were united forever during a ceremony in a classroom at Highlands Early Childhood Center on May 16, 2019.


"When Mr. Q realized he couldn't go anywhere in a word without Miss U, he knew they would have to be together forever," said Mrs. Cochran. "Miss U is a fine letter individually, and as a letter in the new millenium, she is free to form words by herself. However, Q finds himself needing more...a letter he may travel with in words," she explained during the ceremony. The two letters officially united with the help of two classroom volunteers as the Kindergarteners served as witnesses and guests. 


Just like a traditional wedding, students enjoyed cake and dancing to the "Chicken Dance" to celebrate Q&U's marriage. Check out the videos below! 


Special thanks to Amanda Ewing for the photos and videos. 



Congratulations to Mr. Q & Miss U!