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3rd Graders Present Dino World: A Museum of Past and New Species


As a culminating project after reading Judy Moody Saves the World and The Abertosaurus Mystery, Highlands Elementary School third graders in Mrs. Jan Mazzotta's class combined knowledge from the two books to creatively construct a model of a dinosaur using recyclable materials. Students had the option to design a dinosaur of the past or invent a dinosaur that has never existed. They also had to write a paragraph about their dinosaur, describing where it lived and what it ate, the recyclable materials used and the steps used to build the dinosaur.


The dinosaurs made their debut on May 24 at "Dino World", a museum-type open classroom for students and staff to visit and ask questions to the 3rd graders about their dinosaurs. Among the recyclable materials used were milk jugs, newspaper, cartons, cans, and paper towel rolls.


Check out the above gallery for photos of the dino species!