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5th Grade Hosts Career Day

Highlands Middle School 5th graders experienced a Career Day in May as a culminating activity for their year-long Career Research Project in Mrs. Shields' and Mrs. Betts' Language Arts classes.
Students wrote letters to relatives, inviting them to come and speak for Career Day. Each one of the presenters were a family member of one our 5th graders - whether it be a mom, dad or uncle! Students rotated among the classrooms to listen to the various presenters discuss their careers and had the opportunity to ask questions.
Sincere thanks to our participants! 
Ms. Brink - Dog Trainer
Ms. Hoover - Computer Technician
Mr. Babinsack - Attorney
Mr. Bolen - Project Manager
Mr. Whalen - Journalist
Ms. McIntire - Rehabilitation Counselor
Ms. Josefoski - Tarentum Borough Council President
Ms. Misejka - Neurocognitive Specialist
Mr. Fennell - Manufacturer Sales Representative 
Officers Naviglia (brothers) - Police Officer and K-9 Police Officer 
Mr. Card - Audiovisual Engineer
Ms. Shank - Radiologist