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High School Spanish, Life Skills Students Collaborate for Lessons

Mrs. Laura Proano's Spanish IV class and Mrs. Christine McLaughlin's Life Skills class at the High School recently collaborated for lessons involving plantains, a staple food in many Latin American countries.


Since the Spanish IV students were studying Latin American gastronomy, they created related Spanish lessons for Mrs. Mclaughlin’s class. On Tuesday that week, the Spanish IV students taught the Life Skills class Spanish vocabulary related to cooking plantains. They also taught them how to prepare them and tried pre-packaged plantain chips that they purchased on Amazon from Costa Rica. On Wednesday, they used fresh plantains purchased at Giant Eagle and cooked them together using the Life Skills room kitchen. They prepared both savory fried plantains called patacones and baked sweet plantains, known as maduros horneados.


"It was a lot of fun to learn together and share this delicious and nutritious snack. I’m so grateful to Mrs. McLaughlin for working with us on this," said Proano.