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HHS Hosts Alumni Panel

hhs alum


Graduates from the Highlands Class of 2018 shared valuable information with interested seniors on Thursday, Dec. 20, 2018. Highlands alum Jennifer Gustafson, Abby Uhrinek, Cera Dickerson, Erik Frantz, Cristofer White, Corey Beck and Emily Cochran returned to HHS after their first semester at college to talk about the academic and personal adjustment to college life.


HHS alumni offered advice as to how to get involved on campus, how to make friends, the expectation of college level adacemics, and the importance of networking on campus. In addition, the alumni spoke at length about study habits and time management skills. All expressed that they are having a valuable and diverse learning experience. "College is all about planning for your future and your career. You need to have a plan. It is ok if that plan changes, but make sure you are planning for your future career at all times," said Cris White. 


Special thanks to Dr. Susan Gurrera, HHS Counselor