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GATE Students Impress with Wax Museum

Highlands Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) students in grades 1-8 dressed to impress for the annual live Wax Museum event held on Nov. 29 at Highlands Elementary School. Students presented themselves as famous historical persons and "came to life" for passers-by to explain who they are and why they are important. Students researched the historical person on their own prior to the event. The Gr. K-8 GATE Coordinator is Mrs. Rebecca Mentecky


Shown in the photo gallery are: 


Kierstin Cambal - Gloria Vanderbilt
Kassidy Cambal - Roberto Clemente
Gabby Collins - Amelia Earhart
Alayna Collins - Clara Barton
Anna Card - Dian Fossey
Riley Therrien - Neil Armstrong
Elliot Vunora - Fred Rodgers
Luke Vunora - Jonas Salk
Garrett Frost - John D. Rockefeller
Riley Pointkowski - Arnold Palmer
Ian Love - Mario Lemieux
Ethan Lentz - Elon Musk
Jocelyn Scardina - Mia Hamm
Jocelyn Bielak - Marianne North
Troy Bielak - Satchel Paige
Keaton Wike - Michael Keaton
Abby Koharchik - Alice Hamilton
Aubry Bowser - Madam Curie 
Sophia Simoni - Julia Child
Gavin Sommers - Thomas Edison
Avery Robinson - Leonardo da Vinci 
Cole Robertson - Jim Henson
Zoe Seeley - Ella Fitzgerald
Dante Allen - Michael Jordan 
Brenden Kilgore - Dr. Seuss
Hunter Neilen - Albert Einstein