• Highlands School District

    School Police & Security


    sheldon Police Officer

    Jeffrey A. Sheldon

    Highlands High School
    1500 Pacific Avenue
    Natrona Heights, PA 15065
    724-226-2400, ext. 5750

    Naviglia Police Officer

    Joseph T. Naviglia, Jr. 

    Highlands Middle School
    1350 Broadview Boulevard
    Natrona Heights, PA 15065
    724-226-2400, ext.3750
  • The Highlands School Police & Security Department comprises two school police officers, Jeff Sheldon & Joseph Naviglia, Jr., as well as dedicated men and women from Centurian Security who help keep the Highlands School District running efficiently and effectively. Their primary responsibilities with the district are to supervise and implement new security and safety measures and maintain a safe and secure environment for all Highlands students and staff.
    Since their first days on the job in late August 2018, both officers Sheldon and Naviglia have quickly acquainted themselves with our district schools and have already established an authoritative, yet welcoming, presence among the students and staff. Officer Sheldon has a home base at the High School, while Officer Naviglia’s home base is the Middle School. Both officers visit and patrol all Highlands schools on a daily basis.
    One of Officer Sheldon’s goals is to increase and strategically place new surveillance cameras throughout our buildings. He also hopes to encourage and reinforce to both employees and students that when it comes to safety - if you see something, say something.  “It never hurts to check things out for the safety and concern of all,” said Sheldon.  Aside from patrolling the schools and enforcing the laws of the Commonwealth on school property, Officer Naviglia would like to get to know the students better. “I want to interact more with the elementary and middle school students. I hope to be a positive role model in their lives,” he said.

    Supervised by the Highlands school police, our security guards monitor the halls of the district's schools during the day, stand guard at sporting events, concerts, and musicals in the evening, or assist elderly and disabled students and residents whenever needed. The security guards also help prevent truancy and give students an avenue to divulge incidents of bullying, drug use and other illegal activities. Our police officers also work hand-in-hand with the four municipal police departments to stay on top of what's going on in our community.