• Highlands School District
    Buildings & Grounds Department
    601 Montana Avenue
    Natrona Heights, PA 15065
    Phone: 724-226-3755
    Fax: 724-226-3779


    Christian Reiser, Director 

    Dawn Howells, Secretary 

    dhowells@goldenrams.com  724-224-5880



    Doug Ament, Electrician

    Fred Hanyo, Maintenance

    Ken Olschefsky, Van Driver / Supplies

    Matt Skurko, Painter

    Ray Dauer, Plumber

    Bobby Squires, Project Worker

    Alex Konesky, Project Worker


    The Buildings & Grounds Department of the Highlands School District is an indispensable part of the educational process.  We affect every aspect of the school structure from safety to educational development.

    It is our responsibility to:

    • Ensure the safety of anyone in or on school district property.
    • Ensure a level of cleanliness and comfort so that the students and staff perform at peak efficiency.
    • Meet the demands of the principals, teachers, students, and fellow workers so that educational development is not forfeited.
    • Comply with all Allegheny County Health Department and state regulations and codes.
    • Comply and follow all Material Safety Data Sheets and manufacturers procedures to ensure the safety of all that may come in contact with chemicals.
    • Dispose of excess chemicals as per vendor requirements so as not to contaminate the environment.
    • Meet all Buildings and Grounds necessities as cost efficiently as possible without forfeiting safety.
    • Provide necessary information to students, parents, and staff regarding safety and procedures.
    • Take pride in the work that we provide, so that we are all working toward one goal --- education.
    • Never forget the reason that each and every one of us are here --- the student.
    Chris Reiser
    Chris Reiser 
    Buildings & Grounds Supervisor
    Highlands School District