• Each class will decide which concept they would like to focus on as listed below. Taught by teachers Mrs. Lauralee Milberger & Mrs. Rachel Chester.

    The Mysteries of Space!

    The boundless, mysterious, and largely unexplored void that is known as Space has fascinated human beings for thousands of years. From The Big Bang to the possibility of life on Europa (a moon of Jupiter), what we learn about our universe helps us understand our place within it. Students will choose a space-related topic to study and create a project to showcase their learning.

    A New Home for An Animal

    Students are "hired" to design a dream habitat for an animal of their choice for a new zoo being built by the X-Animal Company. As a researcher and to design a perfect habitat for the animal, students will need to become an expert on that animal. They will use a variety of technologies to research that animal and record facts. In this project, students will research and write journal entries about expeditions, collect data on the animal, its habitat and predators/prey, write an informational report about the animal and its habitat, and design a small-scale model habitat for the animal.