• Office Hours, Zoom links and Contacts!

    Mrs. Billingsley HVA Phys Ed  11:40-12:10 MTWRF  Mrs. Billingsley's Zoom

    Mr. Dicer   HVA Social Studies 5  9:45-10:20 MTWRF   Mr. Dicer's Zoom

    Ms. Gettens   HVA ELA 5   1:45-2:15, MTWRF  Ms. Gettens' Zoom

    Ms. Hartle   HVA Science 5   11:30-12:00, MTWRF   Ms. Hartle's Zoom

    Ms. Mentecky  HVA Math 6   M 9:00-9:40, TWR 7:45-8:10, F 8:30-9:00   Ms. Mentecky's Zoom

    Ms. Pinzok  HVA Math 5   12:15-12:55 MTWRF   Ms. Pinzok's Zoom

    Ms. Shields   HVA ELA 6   8:20-9:00, MTWRF   Ms. Shields' Zoom

    Ms. Stobert  HVA Science 6   11:00-11:30, MTWRF  Ms. Stobert's Zoom

    Ms. Zolinas   HVA Social Studies 6   11:00-11:20, MTWRF   Ms. Zolinas' Zoom

    Asynchronous learning? What?

    HVA is a new platform for our younger students, offering them the chance to learn from videos, readings and online activities in each content area. Our curriculum is aligned to our state standards, and our Highlands teachers monitor students, provide feedback and support them as they learn. Here are some details to help you understand how to support your child in this new model:

    What is the platform?

    Accelerate is the HVA platform for fifth and sixth graders. This semester, all classes are in the Accelerate platform. In the spring, all fifth and sixth grade students will have an art course in a Google classroom.

    Does that mean we don't need to look in our Google classroom?

    Even though the coursework is in Accelerate, fifth and sixth grade teachers will have enrichment activities in their teachers' Google classrooms so that students may dig deeply and explore with their teachers' support. Students' homeroom teachers will have a Google classroom to communicate with you all and help students connect.

    How do we know what is due each day?

    Accelerate offers several tools to identify what is due. The most important tool is called "Calendar." It is under the left hand menu column (the three lines). Please look at "How do I find the calendar?" on this webpage to help you. The "To-Do list" is another helpful feature. The "Activity Stream" will have messages, graded assignments and other communication from your child's teacher.

    What about attendance?

    HVA is designed to engage students for about three hours a day, though some students may take considerably longer and some a shorter time to complete all of the work that is assigned. If your child is keeping up with the daily assignments in Accelerate (and in Google classroom for art next semester), your child will be marked present.

    If your child has completed all work in Accelerate, we are offering enrichment resources in the teachers' Google classrooms. Your child may also read a book, practice an instrument or engage in other learning activities to hit that three hour target.

    What if we need help?

    Your child's HVA teachers are here to help. Please email them or join in to their office hour Zoom for help. They will respond during their HVA period and make sure your child has the support she or he needs.