After School Tutoring Information


    Tutoring Zoom Link: https://goldenrams.zoom.us/j/81837865366?pwd=WDhiZ1lodUprQnJhYnlNUmI1eU9iUT09

    ALL Highlands schools offer after-school in-person and Zoom tutoring sessions four days a week for students in need of extra support with academics. Tutoring consistently enhances reading skills for students who are struggling, especially when they are able to attend frequent tutoring sessions that last 30-60 minutes. High dosage (small group, high frequency) tutoring is one of the strongest interventions shown to increase student learning. The most effective tutoring programs establish strong relationships with students first, and all Highlands tutoring programs operate with teachers who know and care about our students.

    An activity bus is also available to take students home after tutoring.