• Middle School Academics

    Team Concept

    The team concept is a unique approach that has been proved effective in middle schools throughout the nation.  Highlands Middle School students in grades five through eight are assigned to one of two teams at each grade level.  Each of these teams has its own group of teachers who teach the required subjects (English, reading, math, science, and social studies).  Students rotate among these teachers, but do not remain in the same group throughout the day.
    This type of team structure:
    (a) allows students to receive instruction in their academic subjects within a contained  
          area specifically designated for their grade level,
    (b) provides a small group, nurturing environment while gradually exposing students to a  
           larger, upper grade level school,
    (c) allows interdisciplinary instruction, and
    (d) provides a sense of community to foster meaningful relationships among students
          and teachers.