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    Welcome to 7th Grade ELA!

    Megan McKenna

    7th Grade ELA / Team Inspiro


    724-226-2400, ext. 3213

    Hi Everyone!

    I am so excited to continue to have an awesome year with all of you! I know that this year isn't exactly what we expected it to be, but we have made the best out of it and done what we can to learn! During this time, we have still been working on learning new skills, improving on the ones that we already have, and of course building a classroom that has a sense of community where everyone is welcome to be a part of it and share in the great experiences of learning! Along the side, you will find a few buttons that have some helpful information! Click on those to find important announcements for your class and anything that you may have missed because you were absent! Of course, if you need anything, I am here to help however I can! You can reach me through the Google Classroom, but if you need an immediate answer, please click on the Help Desk! Let's have a great rest of the year!

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