• Highlands Virtual Academy - Middle School

    2020-21 School Year

    Highlands Middle School understands that parents and students are looking for an alternative to the traditional classroom environment as schools reopen for the 2020-21 school year. The district is proud to provide the same quality academic environment in our Highlands Virtual Academy program.

    Specific details about HVA, the Edgenuity cyber platform for grades 7-12 and an orientation video are located on the Highlands Virtual Academy website.

    Below are some expectations and helpful reminders for HVA students and parents:

    Attendance Policy: 

    • HVA Students follow the same calendar as Hybrid students. 
    • Students must sign on and complete at least three hours of active time each school day. 
    • If you do not complete three hours minimum you will be marked absent for that day. 
    • Five absences in a row result in an account lockout. 
    • Any absence must be explained and submitted in writing. 
    • HVA students also must follow the Highlands Attendance Policy. 

    Family Responsibilities: 

    • Secure and maintain internet service 
    • Parents / Guardians MUST have an email address.  
    • Create time / space for uninterrupted school work.  
    • Encourage / monitor student’s progress. 
    • Communicate with HVA staff in a timely manner whenever issues arise.  

    Student Expectations: 

    • Daily Effort (minimum of 3 hours)  
    • Follow Acceptable Use Guidelines for internet use.  
    • Timely communication with staff whenever there are issues  
    • Keep informed via HSD website announcements.