Highlands Middle School

Middle School Academics
Major Goals of the Middle School
1.    Provide the students with skills for coping with everyday pressure.
2.    Encourage students to respect differences among their peers.
3.    Encourage open communication between the school and the home.
4.    Stimulate a career awareness in students.
5.    Develop decision-making skills of students.
6.    Provide the opportunity for students to learn and utilize independent study skills.
7.    Provide the opportunity for students to develop good citizenship skills.
8.    Recognize that reading, writing, and computing are skills basic to success in our
       society and that the teaching of them is not restricted to any one academic
       discipline, but is rather a shared responsibility of students and teachers.
9.    Assist the development of academic, social, aesthetic, emotional, and physical skills.
10.  Encourage students to become increasingly self-directing, moving from dependent
       childhood to self-actuating adolescence.