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    Melissa Lentz, BSN, RN, CSN
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    Welcome to my website and thank you for visiting. I hope that you find the following information helpful. The information will be updated as needed; so check back often.  Below are a few necessary health requirements for your child and the grade levels affected.

    All sixth grade students are required by law to obtain a physical examination. All seventh grade students are required by law to receive a dental examination.  Physical exams and Dental exams are encouraged to occur through your child's private physician and/or dentist. Your private physician/dentist professionals are the best line of defense against diseases and are able to keep you updated on current health trends in the best interest of your child.  However, Highlands School District does offer a free non-evasive dental exam screen to the seventh graders by the district's dentist.  Also, a free non-evasive physical exam is offered to the sixth graders by the district's school physician. Both of these exams require parental/guardian written permission. All parents/guardians are reminded to keep their child's immunizations up to date and submit the updates to the school nurse.  
    All seventh grade students are required to have the MCV vaccine and the Tdap immunizations prior to the first day of school for their seventh grade year. Proof of the immunization must be submitted to the school nurse. Documentation for Moral exemption or Medical exemption of immunizations must be submitted to the school nurse as well. Please contact the school nurse for more information regarding Moral or Medical exemption if needed.
    Grade six and grade seven students will be screened for scoliosis by the Certified School Nurse. If scoliosis is detected in your child; the parent/guardian will be notified by the Certified School Nurse or School Physician. The Certified School Nurse will refer you to your child's physician for follow-up care.  In addition, Vision Screenings are done annually at all grade levels. You will be sent documentation of your child's vision results only if a referral is needed to an eye doctor due to vision screen failure.  Height and Weight will be done annually at all grade levels as well.  Lastly, Hearing Screenings are done annually to the seventh graders. You will receive written notification only if your child should fail the screening and be referred out for further testing.
    Please feel free to call me to discuss any health issues or pre-exsistng conditions your child may have.  Together we can be certain your child has a healthy and safe educational experience at Highlands Middle School. 
    As a final note; please be sure to keep me updated if telephone numbers change for you and/or your emergency contacts so that I can reach you without delay, if needed.
    Thank you.