7th Grade Science is broken into three main parts:  a) Ecology and the Environment  b)  Astronomy / Space Science   c)  Earth Science.     Curricular topics are covered through instruction, hands-on activities and labs, presentations, projects, with focuses on improving reading, graphing, and writing skills in science.   
    7th Grade Science Topics: 
    • Ecosystems, Habitats, and Biomes
    • Living and nonliving interactions in the environment
    • Food chains and energy transfer
    • Changes to the environment
    • Human interaction with the environment
    • Astronomy throughout history and space exploration
    • Planetary movements and the planets
    • Our moon and other objects in the Solar System. 
    • Sun, stars, constellations, and galaxies
    • Minerals
    • Mining of resources
    • Rocks and rock cycle
    • Changing land surfaces
    • Plate tectonics
    • Earthquakes and Volcanoes

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