Mr. Resek, Highlands Middle School, Room 211 -  (724) 226-0600 ext 211 – cresek@goldenrams.com

    Expectations and Rules:

    1.      Students are expected to have a positive attitude and put forth their best effort at all times.

    2.      Students are to show respect for their teachers, their classmates, their self, the school building, and the classroom materials/equipment.

    3.      Students are to arrive to class on time and be prepared for class.

    4.      Students are required to have and maintain a three-ring binder (1 inch width will be fine) and a notebook (spiral or journal).   These are to be brought to class each day. 

    5.      Students should have at least one sharpened pencil to use in class each day.  Use of pens is discouraged.   No pens are to be used on quizzes or exams.

    6.      Students are to bring their agendas to class each day.  Students will be required to copy any homework assignments into their agendas then complete them in a timely manner.

    7.      The classroom rules are displayed in the room and are to be followed at all times.

    8.      All school rules apply in the classroom.  


    Disciplinary Actions

    In an effort to create an overall effective, comfortable, and safe learning environment in the classroom, actions will be taken to address any student behavioral issues.    Though actions taken will depend on the incident, the actions that will commonly be taken are as follows:

    a.       Warning / reminder

    b.      Loss of classroom participation points

    c.       Seating change or isolation (temporary or permanent)

    d.      Time Out program (if available)

    e.       Discussion / conference with student

    f.       Parent / guardian phone call or written contact

    g.       Referral to office

    h.      Parent conference

    Grading Policy:

    1.      Student grades consist of homework, quizzes, exams, projects, lab work, some group work, classroom work, science binder upkeep, and class participation.    

    2.      Binders will be collected and/or graded each nine weeks.   Binder grades will be determined by:

    a.       Organization - Binder contains all pages and are numbered and in order.

    b.      Completeness - Work and notes are complete.

    c.       Overall neatness - Pages are not falling out.   Name on front of binder.

    3.      On various days or for certain activities, a classroom participation grade will be assessed.  Points may be deducted if a student is not fully participating in the classroom activity/workload.  

    4.      The total number of points for each nine weeks will vary.  Students grades (percentages) are calculated as follows:   

    5.      Students should take the lead in keeping track of their own grades using the district website (online grade book) and inquiring about overall grade as necessary.

    6.      There will be opportunities to earn bonus points during the nine weeks.  This will include in class work and completin g extra credit assignments/research as homework.   


    (Total number of points earned by the student  ÷  total possible number of points)  x  100

    1.      Students will be using various textbooks this year.   During certain nine week periods, students will be assigned their own textbook to use and maintain.   They can take it home and should bring it to class daily unless otherwise noted.  For other spans of time during the year, class sets of textbooks will be used.   In this case, students can sign out a textbook to use temporarily or photocopies of relevant pages will be provided.

    2.      Students will be financially responsible for replacing lost or damaged textbooks as per school policy.


    1.      Students will have between one and three assignments weekly.  Because class time will be used primarily for instruction and learning the material, there will be very limited “in-class” time to complete assignments.    

    2.      Assignments supplement and/or reinforce the class material and will help students prepare for quizzes and exams.  All assignments will usually be checked for completeness.   Most assignments are graded.

    3.      Assignments may be turned in late for a reduced grade, unless otherwise agreed upon.   There will be an advertised cutoff deadline for all missing work midway through a nine week period and at the end of the nine weeks. 

    4.      Students will also be encouraged to study for quizzes and exams at home starting days in advance. 

    Make-Up Work:

    1.      Students are responsible for all work missed during any absence including but not limited to sickness, medical appointments, guidance appointments, vacations, GATE, band, sports, student council, or other school activity.   When a student returns from an absence they should (as soon as possible):

    a.       Check the “Work Missed” boxes in the classroom for handouts, worksheets, activities, and missed notes.   

    b.      Consult the “Homework Board” in the classroom.

    c.       Ask a responsible classmate about missed work and notes.

    d.      Turn in any overdue work immediately to the appropriate Period Box.

    e.       See Mr. Resek if necessary.

    2.      Exams and quizzes should be made up as soon as possible.  Please arrange a time with Mr. Resek.

    a.       During a scheduled study skills or free period or exploratory period.

    b.      Before or after school.   During after school tutoring.    Prior to morning homeroom.

    c.       Possibly during a subsequent science class.