Please click HERE for a picture of the room layout.
    1. Students are expected to come to class prepared with a pencil, a 3 ring binder or folder, a notebook and their school issued agenda.  Throughout the year, students will be issued text books for various units.  Once we complete a unit, students will return the text book and receive a new one to use for the next unit. 
    2.  In class, students will be assigned to sit at a lab table with 3 or 4 other students that they will work cooperatively with to complete in class lab activities.  These seats will change throughout the year so please encourage your child to TRY their best to work with others. This is an important skill throughout life and students need to learn to accept differences and work with others.
    3.  In class, students are expected to participate appropriately. This means NOT talking while the teacher is talking and raising their hand to participate at other times.
    4.  If students continue to disrespect the learning environment, parents will be notified by email or phone.   If the problem is not resolved after that, detentions or other consequences will be issued.  These consequences will count toward any assemblies and/or field trips. 
    5.  Cell phones are to remain OFF unless the teacher has approved their use for projects, timing, or listening to music.            .  cell phone