• Bully Prevention Program

    The Bully Prevention Program is a school-wide, systematic program designed to create a safe and caring school environment where the power is in the hands of the caring majority, not the bullies. A person is being bullied or victimized when he or she is exposed to negative actions on the part of one or more persons over a period of time. If bullying does occur, consequences will be assigned on a five-tier system.
    • The first consequence for a bully offense is a parent phone call home and a signed anti-bullying contract.
    • The second consequence is a detention.
    • The third consequence is a day of in-school suspension (ISS).
    • The fourth consequence is 3 days ISS or 3 days of After School Alternative.
    • The final consequence is a citation to the magistrate with an automatic fine.
    Communication is a key component, in preventing bullying in schools.  Please complete the Bully Report if you feel that you are being bullied, intimidated, threatened, or harassed at Highlands Middle School. Reports will remain anonymous, however, it is important that the reporter's name is included in order to properly investigate the bullying situation.